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You can check all messages of instagram.

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We hand edit our database to ensure that no vulgar content slips through the cracks. It is good that the policy is now a part of history, but think about it, in order for it to become a part of history, people needed to talk about it. I have been a pattycake fan for years and have never seen the Perfect_cutie topless shot before. Esteisy isabel, please don’t minimise the criticism because the point about transmisogyny is incredibly valid and it’s not ‘uptight’ to critique something with very real consequences. This hot blonde girl next door is feeling very horny and kinda bored today, so she decides to strip for all the boys out there on the net. Beach attire - can you be Perfect_cutie topless while sunbathing. Just one more gay sex practice that might do you some good to have a go at.

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